George Skapetis

George Skapetis

Senior QA Team Leader @ Channel VAS


George has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Science and in excess of seven years of work experience as a Mid and Senior Quality Assurance Engineer and almost 5 years as a Quality Assurance Team Leader by managing a team of 7 QA Manual and Automation Engineers. He has experience in programming and knowledge of networking protocols, experience in Python, PHP and Perl development, Unix shell scripting and Matlab and C among others and is very familiar with many operating systems (Windows, Linux, Unix) and their features. He has many years of involvement in large software projects, from creating software specifications to quality assurance and feature testing. During testing, he has used many tools for bug tracking and creation/execution/update of test cases. Apart from them, he has executed successfully performance tests (capacity and longevity tests) for many products and he is involved in automation procedures.



Title: QA Engineer: More than a testing hero of fintech in emerging markets

As most of us know, fintech is a rapidly growing industry that has a major impact and advantages but has many challenges as well. In today's fast-paced environments, QA Engineer has a vital role not only for ensuring the quality of the product and the processes but for the engagement with the client and support where and when this is needed. Things are getting more difficult and more challenging at the same time when fintech is applied on emerging markets. We are going to check the soft skills and technical skills of QA engineer who is involved in such projects and the techniques that are used to overcome all the obstacles. We are also going to present automation of testing (using tools like python and pytest) that helps to speed up the above processes. In the end, we are going to talk about the contribution of a fintech QA engineer to the design of the product(s) and update of product’s specifications and requirements based on QA engineer feedback.