Thanos Angelatos

Thanos Angelatos

Head of Software @ Persado


An experienced IT professional with exposure to multiple roles, challenging environments and complex IT solutions and infrastructure, in the EU-government, public and private sectors. Thrives in complex and multi-national environments, applying processes, knowledge and sensible solutions to the IT challenges at hand. Having worked in various roles during his career, he has a good sense of all aspects of software engineering and can influence teams in achieving their goals on time and within budget.


Title: Next-gen automation framework from a programmers' viewpoint

Writing tests at scale needs planning, processes, and competence - testing teams need all the help they can get. In the years working at Persado, we have deployed automation at scale for all products of the company, by directly influencing the processes, injecting programming best practices, new technologies and processes to the teams. I will be presenting Anax, our second iteration quality assurance framework - GitHub OSS - using Spring Boot, annotations and plugins that enhance Selenium to allow high maintainability, modularity, and flexibility.