Socrates Sidereas

Socrates Sidereas

Automation Architect @ Upstream


Socrates is a Quality Assurance Automation Architect at Upstream who graduated with a Bachelor from the Department of Information and telecommunications and a certified Automation Engineer by ISTQB. With more than 12 years of experience in Automation Systems and testing, strategies have the knowledge of many testing frameworks tools and mostly the technical skills to build and maintain a custom testing tool. Responsible for CI/CD pipelines executing JUnit, integration, and performance automation tests keeping up the code quality standards and high code coverage. Working the last years mostly with microservices architectures and a huge variety of products that require different testing types, has a strong belief that a synchronous automation tester should build-up DEV and DEV-OPS skills to accomplish his daily tasks and also support other departments.



Title: Upstream's Journey to Continuous Deployment
Upstream decided a few years ago to enroll in a CD program and then an amazing journey for the company begun, which will be presented within the framework of this presentation.
Key reasons behind this decision will be demonstrated followed by the appropriate tool selection and the needed organization transformations. The challenges have just started. The roll-out of the program especially for the legacy products was the first challenge we needed to address in parallel with the ongoing mentality shift of the engineering organization. Subsequently, the impact of the CD program in both qualitative and quantitative in Upstream business will be presented.
  • How quickly we were able to deliver to the production
  • How much production issues (aka bugs) were reduced
  • How much re-planning & re-prioritization were reduced
  • In the end, did we manage to deliver a stressful deployment procedure?
 Finally, valuable lessons learned out of this journey will be presented.